3 Tips for Organic Gardening Lawn Care

Uploaded on Dec 14, 2007
Here are three tips for organic gardening lawn care from garden author Doug Green at http://www.youtube.com/user/headgarde… The first tip is to mow the grass as tall as your machine will let you, in most cases this is around the 2-3 inch mark. A you can mow it a bit shorter in the early spring but by late spring to early summer you should be at the tallest setting on your mower.

In the fall, top dress with 2 pounds of grass seed per thousand square feet of lawn. This will thicken up the lawn and healthy, thick grass will fight off weeds by reducing the amount of sunlight that gets to the soil and encourages germination of weed seed. A thick organic lawn is your best first defense against weeds.

The third tip is to use corn gluten in the spring to stop small seeds from germinating. Apply it when the forsythia start blooming for best results and water it thoroughly after application.

With the thick turf grass on your lawn stopping weeds from germinating and the corn gluten doing the same, the vast majority of weeds will not get started.

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