We will be offering advertising spots on posts and pages as soon as possible.  Our main focus is not cash oriented.  Our main desire is to be a positive member of the Homestead Community by producing quality, original and shared content.  Traffic generation will be creative and will ramp up as the site officially launches.  This LIVE beta testing with filler text and articles with title and no content will only last as long as it takes to fill the empty spaces with wonderful images and intriguing content.  The images size 468×60 is a common size for advert banner images but the size can be whatever you desire, within reason of course

Please enjoy watching our progress as the site develops.  Rest assured the thought of “Build it and they will come” will be a reality and we look forward hearing from you when you are ready to advertise with us. Please contact us with any questions or ideas and be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook EcoHomesteadLiving