Grow Your Own Food In A Suburbian Permaculture Garden

Published on Nov 5, 2013 by EASYRAWFOOD
Grow your own food in a suburban permaculture garden! My Brother Jeramey grows all his own food in Seattle. He’s turned his suburban yard into a sustainable permaculture garden. He inspires me! He is the only other person in my family who does not eat meat. He is using recycled plastics to build a greenhouse in his permaculture garden. We should all grow our own food!

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Happy World Vegan Month!

So nice to see people move away from the cookie cutter lawns and go front yard gardening! The time and money spent on mowing, watering, and maintaining a own that does nothing but suck energy boggles our mind. Tear it up put some effort into changing the way people think and grow, grow, grow! ~EHL

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