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Published on Mar 4, 2013
Our aquaponic kits can allow you to become food independent by growing healthy organic foods in a closed loop ecosystem. Go to our shopping cart to see prices and more information: (see below for DIY and small indoor products). In this video, Chad Hudspeth of Endless Food Systems, will demonstrate how easy setting up and maintaining one of our kits can be for people. There is no cutting or drilling as our aquaponics kits are shipping to you complete with everything needed except for the fish and water! They arrive to your house ready to go & just take a few minutes to set up.

With more GMO’s, Pesticide’s, and uncertainties (natural and man-made) in the world, isn’t it time for you to take control of where your food comes from? Would you like to know how you can have an endless food supply? Would you like to become truly self-sufficient? With Aquaponics you can! It’s possible to grow healthy organic food without any GMO’s or Pesticides in a compact revolutionary system. Whether you want a backyard aquaponics system or an indoor aquaponics system, one of our kit options can help you reach your goals. In addition to eating healthier, you will also have more food security and can eliminate or significantly reduce your food bill! #fishgardens #aquaponics

We also have a Do It Yourself video/handbook –…

Small Indoor Kits –…

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