How Does Wind Power Work? Animated Video

Uploaded on Sep 6, 2009, the best wind power site on the planet presents: How Does Wind Power work. an animated video for the newcomer to wind power. Wind energy is an environmentally inert, clean, and inexhaustible source of electric power that, as it turns out, is really just another form of solar energy. The sun creates wind by its uneven heating of the planets atmosphere. Its moderated by the earths rotation and irregularities in its surface. The planets terrain, water bodies, and vegetation then affect the wind flow patterns. With the invention of wind turbines, we can now harness the winds energy and use it instead of purchasing electricity from the utility companies that are derived from non-renewable sources.

The easiest way to understand how wind turbines work is to think of a fan operating in reverse rather than electricity spinning the blades and thus generating wind, the wind spins the blades, thereby generating electricity. This shjort video shows you in simple steps and explain how exactly wind power works. Perfect for the newcomer to wind power.

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