How to Let Your Neighbors Know Your Not Growing Weed & More Organic Gardening Q&A

Published on Mar 26, 2013
John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

00:54 How many bags of compost do I need to fill my 4’x8’x 12″ raised bed?
03:23 How can I avoid my plants drowning in my raised bed in heavy rain?
05:45 Do you have seeds for sale?
06:39 Can I grow a dwarf oranges grown in a greenhouse in Oklahoma?
08:08 My leaves of Purple Tree collards taste leathery and don’t have much flavor?
10:30 Can I use an expired drum of salt cured vegetables as a compost tea?
12:25 Can you purchase sunflower seeds for sprouting at walmart?
14:58 Do you have any information on growing arugula?
15:37 Can you send me some seeds for my 2013 garden?
16:39 How can I find the video with you and Leslie Doyle in Las Vegas?
17:40 What soil company in Northern California would you recommend?
18:40 How do I get my neighbors stop stereotyping me? They think im growing Smokable California Stuff / Medicinal Herb / Weed ?
20:23 How can I make the mix you used in your Growums containers?
21:00 Do you ever fertilize your plants in the Growums or do you just water?

… keep on growing!

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