How to Make a Solar Panel – Explained Simply!

Published on Oct 5, 2013 by DesertSun02

Getting started down the road of Solar Dominance is as easy as following instructions and getting the proper tools and supplies. We have always been fascinated the ability to build our own solar panels and getting that knowledge that everyone takes for granted.

We just love finding people that love the technical side of Alternative Energy, YouTube User DesertSun02 has made a number of great videos with a common theme of Solar Knowledge. This channel shows how to make all types of DIY solar power projects (as well as off-grid/survival/green living projects).

All are easy to make and use readily available products and materials (cardboard, tin cans, plastic bottles, wood, glass…and solar panels). He shows how to easily hook up solar panels with battery banks and how to make all types of solar powered: air heaters, water heaters, air coolers, evaporative coolers, evaporative cooled refrigerators, ICE MAKERS, water distillers, water purifiers, food dehydrators, solar battery chargers, batteries, rocket stoves, alcohol stoves, parabolic cookers and more. Show support to users like DesertSun02 by LIKING, Following, and sharing their content.

This “how to make a solar panel” video shows how to connect everything together including all wiring, soldering and cell layout (using tabbed solar cells). Full easy instructions. if you are using “untabbed” solar cells watch my video on “Solar Cell Tabbing”. (tabbing is very easy to do). items can be bought as a kit on ebay. for about $48.00 you can get 40 solar cells, tabbing wire, bus wire, flux pen and even blocking diode. i used lead free rosin core solder from harbor freight. cost about $2.50. soldering iron is just a basic 30 watter. the third (and final) video will show how to encase/enclose the panels in either a plywood box or metal framed case.

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