Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning

Published on Jul 9, 2013
I spent the weekend with friends and church, so please forgive me for not having any videos. My friend left this afternoon. He was a visitor from NYC who I have not seen in a year. We had a great time fishing and catching up.

My Mom bought me a mini air conditioner which is hopefully going to change my life and the pace of projects here at the off grid solar camper.

It is a 500 watt air conditioner rated at 5,000 BTU and only measures 12.5 inches high by 16 wide.

My solar panels are 600 watts and the AC only runs about 5 minutes out of every 15 minutes. It pulls 500 watts while it runs the compressor and then the fan runs, blowing the cold air off the coils and into the room.

This makes the air conditioner perfect for off grid solar applications.

The air conditioner worked well when the sun was shining, but after the sun was off the solar panels, my inverter kept shutting off due to low battery voltage. I think that the wires going to the inverter are too small. The wires were getting warm to the touch so I think I need larger wires in order to run the AC.

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