Organic Gardening – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, pH, and Compost

Uploaded on Apr 18, 2011
If your vegetable garden is not yielding much or your flowers from the flower bed look nothing like the plush ones shown in a magazine then it is a sign that your plants are lacking vital nutrients. The best way to ensure your plants get these nutrients is by making a simple choice. Choose organic gardening compost instead of the chemical ones. The result will vary tremendously.

The health of the plants in your garden is important as our own health. It should never be ignored. Health of a vegetable garden also affects the people who consume the vegetables. Organically prepared compost is easy to make and is cheaper than the chemical fertilizers. Compost is the best way to give your plants all the vital nutrients it needs.

Compost is almost like a plant food. It has all the nutrients needed by your plant in the right amounts. Plants absorb nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus from the soil through the roots. Compost provides it with all these nutrients which sometimes lack in the soil naturally. It is most importantly chemical-free.

Organic compost generally is insoluble and stays in the soil longer than the chemical ones. Therefore it restores the nutrients the soil may have lost due to plants or leeching caused by chemical fertilizers. A good fertile soil is the important necessity in maintaining a garden.

Since organic compost is thicker and insoluble than its chemical counterparts, it traps moisture in the mud also. Plants need water to absorb their nutrients and the more moisture it locks in the soil, the healthier your plant will get. Organic compost does not need to be bought at a store. It can be easily made in your home itself with little preparation.

Organic gardening compost is made by decomposing anything which decomposes like leftover food, rotten veggies or even animal waste. Dog and cat waste are generally not used as they may spread infection. These materials are filled in layers in a pit covered from rain. It must be mixed regularly so that it decomposes evenly.

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