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Published on Apr 3, 2013 Register to receive a quality series of free permaculture videos, by renowned teacher Geoff Lawton, who presents the latest insights and education into how permaculture can help individuals implement creative and abundant solutions for themselves, their families and those they design for.

This video is a sampler of permaculture principles in application narrated and explained by Geoff, often from his farm in the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales, Australia, not far from Byron Bay. Learn how abundant it is, by design.

We’ve already had over ten thousand views and thousands positive comments for the first video “How to Survive the Coming Crises”covering Permaculture, regeneration of deserts in arid lands, and how to create an abundant food forest. We expect a great response to the new video we’re releasing this weekend “The Secrets of Sustainable Property, the Permaculture Way” and look forward to sharing Geoff’s property checklist with you, as well as future permaculture videos.

So please visit and just enter your email into the web page to view the films and so we can keep you up to date as we release new titles in this series of Permaculture videos.

About Geoff:
Geoff Lawton is highly sought after as a passionate and committed educator on the ethical design science called Permaculture that teaches individuals how to design sustainable urban and rural environments and landscapes. From his start in permaculture, under the tutelage of Bill Mollison, he has gained 30 years’ experience in permaculture design in dozens of countries around the world from the most affluent, to the most war torn; from the tropics to frozen cold temperate climate. Each year Geoff teaches hundreds of students in permaculture courses ranging from permaculture design certificates, to permaculture earthworks courses, urban permaculture, creating healthy soils, to managing sustainable projects, and more.

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