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Published on Feb 3, 2014


For starters, the Earth4energy DIY solar panels kit helps the users to reduce their electricity bill by producing their own electricity, for their needs. The users have to buy the earth4energy DIY solar energy kit, assemble it based on the step by step instructions provided in the manual and reduce their energy bill considerably. The users have claimed that they have reduced by an average of 30% of their electricity bill but the highest record of billing cutting was 75%.

This renewable energy DIY kit consists of manual that explains to the user about the solar energy and the method of building it. There is also a help package and video series about earth4energy and bonus information. It also has information about making a wind turbine.

As you know, every product has a set of advantages and also a few disadvantages. The solar panels DIY kit review would enlighten you on both the sides of it so that you can come to a conclusion about the product.


• With detailed instructions in the manual, users can easily assemble and use the product

• Helps to reduce the energy bill by 30%

• DIY solar panels energy kit is easy to make and use, when compared to the retail
solar panel or the wind turbine.

• Solar panels kit is a cheap solution for creating solar energy for home purpose.

• The material mentioned in the manual can be obtained even from the local hardware stores and so, it is easy to build your own solar panel with much less cost than buying the whole retail pack

• Any questions and queries can be easily resolved, with the help of the membership forum


• This solution is developed for producing solar energy for home of average size. If you are living in a big mansion, the product will not be able to create a considerable amount of energy to reduce your bill

• If you are a person who is ready to build your own solar panel by spending time a few weekends with patience, then the product would suits you. If you cannot do that, there is no point buying this product.


If you are living in an area with considerable amount of sunlight, using this method to build your own solar panel is a great option to reduce the electricity bill.

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