Wind Power Exposed

Published on Feb 5, 2013
Wind Power This video is about what is Wind Power.

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• Wind turbine power is converting the free energy source, wind, into electricity via a three blade large wind turbine on top of a tower which will turn a small turbine in it which will convert the wind into electricity. The electricity gets transferred out via cables.

• There are large wind farms on land in the United States. In Europe and other countries they have a lot of offshore wind farms. Cape Wind will probably be the first offshore wind farm in the United States. It’s been over a decade but those 130 wind turbines will be going up in the next couple of years.

• Just to give you an idea, 100 or 200 wind turbines can duplicate a standard polluting coal powered power plant. The difference is you need to mine and extract and get the source of energy for a coal plant whereas wind energy is free and available. There are also micro wind turbines for the home, which are very good, especially if you are off the grid. These are a lot smaller.

• Issues with these are that they are tall, you have to be above the tree line, you have to have a drop zone within your property which may not work well in suburbia if you have a one acre plot of land. The positives are the wind usually comes out more at night when the solar is down so you can constantly be feeding your batteries.

• The wind EROEI is higher than solar and other renewables. It is about 8 to 1 and rising. There is a net saving of birds. Bird deaths is a big wind turbine concern. The coal plant emitting more pollution will kill more birds than if you built a wind farm and birds died by hitting the blades. The more coal plants you build, the higher rate of bird deaths you’ll have, it will just be more indirect. I’m not counting children with asthma from coal plants.

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