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Published on Aug 23, 2013

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Women best gardening glove, Organic gardening tools claw – Badger Garden Gloves

Benefits from a Tooling Perspective:
The Honey Badger garden Glove is NOT designed to replace any tools any more than say ~ a smartphone is designed to replace a laptop computer. It IS designed to be a superior gardening glove with the features of a tool.
The result is a more versatile tool that fits like a glove, with more protection and ability.
Its The Gardening Tool That Fits Like A Glove! .TM.
It’s actually really handy when you’re moving around the yard and have left forgotten tools behind. It provides superior protection than an ordinary gardening glove, with the benefits of a digging tool.
Protection – No risk of smashing with blunt tool or cutting your finger with knife or pruner
Digging Ability – For planting flowers or crops that don’t require a depth of more than 3-5 inches.
Leverage – Using Patent Pending technology designed to use leverage that is not available in any other gardening glove.

Four Available Colors:
1) High Visibility – Blue on Green
1) High Visibility – Blue on Green
2) High Visibility – Gray on Teal
2) High Visibility – Gray on Teal
3) High Visibility – Charcoal on Tangerine
3) High Visibility – Charcoal on Tangerine
4) High Visibility – Gray on Green
4) High Visibility – Gray on Green

Good Design Means:
Finding the Ideal Balance of Glove / Tool
A good design for any safety equipment consists of features that: Protect the user from the harshness of the environment with comfort & durability. Additional features are always a plus.
One of the challenging questions we faced in this project was:
What shape & size should the tool ( claws ) be in order to add more effectiveness with the same energy input? ( Similar to jogging vs. cycling )
After testing several designs with different users we finally found the optimum balance.

How To Use The Honey Badger Glove:
The main actions in gardening are: ~ Braking up the soil and moving it!
Initially we thought all five fingers should be tooled with claws. It seems like the obvious choice, – Not necessarily. Over 90% of the people we tested felt encumbered by the thumb when it was clawed. Similarly, around 90% felt that the pinky finger doesn’t have near the strength of the other fingers, therefore when equipped with a claw it doesn’t really help.
The most preferred configuration of the tooled fingers is the three middle fingers. This way holding objects and using other tools is very comfortable & easy. This way you can do everything ordinary gloves can do with the added benefit of tooling.

Lefty or Righty?
Another interesting revelation that came about from public testing is that people not only have their left or right handed habits but they also have certain tendencies relating to certain tasks. ie: Planting seeds. Some lefties like to have the right hand clawed and some like the left. Vice Versa for righties. It’s really a combination of habits and preferences that determine what someone will prefer.
We offer the tooling option of either:
Right hand
Left hand
Both hands

Common Problems With Regular Gloves:
Trade shows and Farmers’ Fairs are just a few of the venues that brought us to direct feedback from hundreds of people. We used the public feedback to engineer a solution for the most common problems and complaints that people had about gardening gloves:
The fingertips ware out
Their fingers fatigue or hurt when handling soil
Their nails get ruined

We engineered a solution to all the common problems of an ordinary garden glove and worked in a few features of our own. The product kept evolving, improving every step.
We’re really pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to the final prototype.
Comparative Advantage:

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